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25565Re: Actions around Corinth, May 28, 1862

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  • William H Keene
    Feb 9, 2004
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      There was a number of skirmishes and actions involved in the 'seige'
      of Corinth. The units you mention were each from different Corps --
      Cleburne's Bgde was part of Hardee's, Orphan Bgde was part of
      Breckinridge's, and 16th TN was part of Polk's -- so its unlikely
      they were fighting along side each other.

      Beauregard decided he was going to evacuate Corinth after his planned
      counterattack on May 26 was called off because of Van Dorn's
      bungling. He needed to hold the enemy back until he could move out
      the supplies, sick, etc, so he needed to keep a strong front to the
      enemy for a few days. Coincidentally, Halleck gave an order for a
      general advance of US forces to occur on May 28. The result was
      action at a number of places along the line. On the Union right
      Sherman maneuvered 5 brigades to seize a fortified block house. In
      the center Nelson's Division pushed forward with heavy skirmishing.
      Cleburne was probably facing Nelson. The 16th TN may have been on
      Sherman's right since I have seen a house marked Chambers in that
      area on one map.

      --- In civilwarwest@yahoogroups.com, "Ray Todd Knight"
      <rayknight@c...> wrote:
      > Hi
      > I recently read a thread on an Arkansas Civil War board concerning
      > Cleburne's Brigade and it's actions covering the retreat from
      > on May 28, 1862 known as " the Shelton House engagement".
      > I've also recently read the Civil War Diary of James J Womack,
      > of Company E, 16th TN Infantry. In it he refers to an engagement on
      > May 28, 1862 while covering the retreat from Corinth, around the
      > "Chambers House", in which a relative of mine was killed. the diary
      > Thomas Hoooper, Co A, 16th TN also refers to the engagement around
      > Chambers House.
      > http://www.civilwarhistory.com/_/Thomas%20R_%20Hooper%20Diary.htm
      > Where these two engagements seperate actions or the same? Also I
      > read that parts of the Orphan Brigade including Cobb's Battery were
      > involved in rear-guard actions during the retreat from Corinth. Was
      > this a different action too?
      > Thanks for any info
      > Todd
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