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25542Actions around Corinth, May 28, 1862

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  • Ray Todd Knight
    Feb 5, 2004
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      I recently read a thread on an Arkansas Civil War board concerning
      Cleburne's Brigade and it's actions covering the retreat from Corinth
      on May 28, 1862 known as " the Shelton House engagement".
      I've also recently read the Civil War Diary of James J Womack, captain
      of Company E, 16th TN Infantry. In it he refers to an engagement on
      May 28, 1862 while covering the retreat from Corinth, around the
      "Chambers House", in which a relative of mine was killed. the diary of
      Thomas Hoooper, Co A, 16th TN also refers to the engagement around the
      Chambers House.
      Where these two engagements seperate actions or the same? Also I have
      read that parts of the Orphan Brigade including Cobb's Battery were
      involved in rear-guard actions during the retreat from Corinth. Was
      this a different action too?
      Thanks for any info

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