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25541Re: Steam-powered frigates (Was: The Blockade)

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  • quango
    Feb 5, 2004
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      At 02:08 PM 2/5/04 +0000, carlw4514 wrote:

      I think William covers it.
      As for Norfolk and Hampton Roads, the blockade was greatly aided by Fort Monroe,
      which controlled access and was never really threatened overland.
      I'm not sure why Norfolk was considered indefensible in the end, but I believe I am
      correct in thinking it was not usable as a port as long as Ft Monroe didn't go Secesh.
      -related question: The MERRIMAC was a steam-powered design from the beginning.
      Did the US navy own any other similar ships at the outset of the war?

      At the outbreak of the war the US Navy had these Screw Frigates in commission: San Jacinto, Merrimack, Wabash, Minnesota, Colorado, Roanoke, & Niagara. Side-wheel frigates were Mississippi, Saranac, Susquehanna & Powhatan. Screw sloops included Civil War notables Hartford and Brooklyn.

      Some sailing ships still in commission included Congress and Cumberland, Virginia's victims.

      Tom D
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