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25509Re: [civilwarwest] Re: Bragg's Retreat from Tullahoma

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  • Timothy Seeley
    Jan 31, 2004
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      This statistical information is revealing, because a Richmond based Confed
      staffer figured out in mid to late 63 that when it came to effectives the
      Confederates had only 150,000 troops (source Bruce Catton Centennial
      History) and 40,000 of those were trapped with Kirby Smith out in the Trans
      Misssissippi. If they could of been moved to the east bank the southerners
      could of enacted the best plan for Confederate victory concived during the
      war an invasion of Kentucky proposed by Longstreet whom I consider the best
      southern general of all.

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      >But basically what you are saying is that most
      >books would credit army strengths in battles at far less than their
      >actual numbers? So Bragg really had about 78,000 and Rosecrans about
      >70,000 at Chickamauga?
      >From what I have been told, the Federals and the Confederates used two
      >different methods for determining strengths and effectives. This is what
      >makes it
      >difficult today to determine how strong each army was.

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