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  • DORR64OVI@aol.com
    Jan 1, 2004
      In a message dated 1/1/2004 9:41:17 PM Eastern Standard Time, DPowell334@... writes:

      I know little of his post war career, except that he was on the board of Visitors at West Point, and is indeed buried there. I have a great deal of correspondence between him and Emerson Opdyke relating to his defense of his actions at Chickamauga, all of it very interesting in a CYA kinda way.

      Dave Powell

      I know he died in Dayton Ohio but somewhere I remember hearing or reading that he disappeared for a time following a bad business deal or fraud.  I think this information was offered by a fellow officer postwar who was making a point about Wood's character.
          My memory (or lack) tells me that both Wood and Opdycke were in agreement about Chickamauga but others disputed their version.  Id be interested to read the correspondence, if available.

      Kent Dorr

      BTW, is anyone familar with the recent book of Opdykes writings?
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