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  • Lt. Col. James L. Choron
    Jan 1, 2004
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      Like I said, "he also serves who only stands and waits". Linclon was at least willing to go to war for his country, and at the time they marched, he had no idea that the war would be over before he was involved. Certainly, combat experience would have altered his viewpoint on many things, but the fact that he did serve and was willing to fight for his country is an ample demonstration of his courage and character, whether he saw combat or not.
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      Linclon served, briefly, in the Blackhawk War, but as far as I can determine
      saw no combat. Still, he wore the uniform, and was willing to do so.

      Lincoln was a Captain of a bunch of volunteers.  He and his men marched from Salem, Illinois northward into Wisconsin but got as far as Lake Geneva when they received word that the war was over and their services were not needed.  Degrudgenly, they turned around and marched back to Salem.
      PS  Ironically, a statue of Blackhawk on the Rock River below Rockford is larger than any statue of a Civil War leader.

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