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  • Danny
    Nov 30, 2003
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      I just wanted to say thanks for allowing me into your group. I have
      long been interested in the civil war, and especially some of the
      facts that were NOT represented in any history lessons taught in
      school. My GGG grandfather Charles Culpepper Blair, founded "Blair's
      Fort" near Desdemona Texas. The Confederates used his fort during the
      Civil War, and many of the men, were in the confederate army.
      C.C.Blair's son-in-law, "Berry Moore Keith" served in the Confederate
      Army, but prior to his Confederate service, was a member of the
      "ORIGINAL" Texas Rangers. (a/k/a Texas Militia, at the time) I am
      interested in any information on battles fought in Texas. I know the
      last battle of the civil war (after Lee had already surrendered) was
      fought at Brownsville, Texas. (won by the Confederates) But, I confess
      I know little about the other battles. My regular email address is

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