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23913139th Anniversery of Franklin, Tennessee

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  • Johnnyreb6@aol.com
    Nov 30 12:02 AM
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      the Men of Gist's Brigade
      SEPTEMBER 3RD, 1831 TO NOVEMBER 30TH, 1864
      Mortally Wounded on the above date while leading the men of the 16th & 24th South Carolina, 46th & 65th Georgia Infantry Regiments, 8th Georgia Battalion and the 2nd Georgia Sharpshooter Battalion into action at the Battle of Franklin, Tennessee on November 30th, 1864. He died of his wounds later that day at a field hospital nearby uttering his last words, "Take me to my wife." He was initially buried nearby in a local cemetery, the bloody survivors of the brigade attended the burial. After the war his loyal body-servant Wiley Howard and his widow saw that his remains were recovered and brought back to South Carolina. He is buried at Trinity Episcopal Church Yard, Columbia, South Carolina with several of the men from his brigade. Let us never forget such men.
          I thank you for your time, and remain, as always,
              Your Faithful, and obedient, servant,
                  Adjutant Kenneth H. Robison II,
                      1st Indpt. Bgd, C.S.A. / 121st Ohio Vol. Inf. Rgt.
                          9th N.Y. "Hawkins' Zouaves" & 17th N.Y. Veteran Zouaves
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