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23466Re: Longstreet move west

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  • Dave Smith
    Oct 14, 2003
      I agree with what Lee says, but I'm still amazed at the seeming lack
      of concern about the arrival of Longstreet's forces.

      Bragg evidenced, through his staff or otherwise, concern about
      Longstreet's whereabouts, even though he tactically assigned half of
      his army to Old Pete prior to going to sleep the night of September
      19 - and before Longstreet's arrival!

      I've suggested this before; we know of Lee's staff, we know of
      Longstreet and Jackson's staffs, but who - other than William
      Mackall, do we know of regarding Bragg's staff?

      Unless it's poor Pollack Lee who couldn't seem to get the Polk
      breakfast thingy straight ...


      --- In civilwarwest@yahoogroups.com, LWhite64@a... wrote:
      > Well Bragg knew they were on the way, but he was trying to take
      advantage of the oportunity that he had before him of destroying
      Crittenden's Corps at Lee and Gordon's Mill before Thomas and McCook
      could link up with it, he also would cut off the others from getting
      back to the defences of Chattanooga. He couldnt wait for Longstreet,
      in fact Bragg wanted the movement that led to the battle to begin on
      Sept 17.
      > Lee
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