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  • Martin Williams
    Oct 13, 2003
      First, considering the state of Lee's own health in 1864 and the ineffectiveness or absence of the AoNV's other corps commanders, it made sense to keep Longstreet in Virginia.  (Davis certainly wasn't going to put Beauregard in command of that army, and Bragg had lost all credibility as an army commander by then.)
      Second, I think that Longstreet might have been worth considering as a replacement for Joe Johnston had he (Longstreet) not been wounded at the Wilderness two months earlier.
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      As to Longstreet getting the Army, I think several things hurt his chances of this by 1864.
      1.  His performance in the Suffolk Campaign.

      2.  His performance during the Siege of Chattanooga.

      3.  His performance in the Knoxville Campaign.

      In the later two Longstreet in my opinion had his low tide during the war.


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