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23427Re: [civilwarwest] Longstreet move west

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  • Martin Williams
    Oct 12, 2003
      Found this in the ORs, Volume 29 (a Forbidden Zone volume):
      On 9/9, Lee wrote to Davis that all three divisions were on the way to Hanover Junction.  Longstreet had proposed that Pickett's Division take the place of Jenkins' and Wise's brigades in the Richmond defenses, with the former to join Hood's Division and the latter McLaws'.  Longstreet had also selected two Georgia brigades for Charleston, one from each division. "He does not want to take them into Georgia for fear of desertion." In a second message on that date Lee notified Davis that Anderson's was the brigade chosen from Hood's Division.
      On 9/10, Lee reported to Davis that "Anderson's Brigade...and Bryan's Brigade...are selected by General Longstreet to go to Charleston.  If preferred Wise and Jenkins could go in their place..." In his indorsement Davis concurred with Lee, "unless there be reason to fear straggling from the brigades named..."
      On the 11th, Jenkins' Brigade was assigned to Hood's Division and Wise was ordered to Charleston.
      On the 12th, Longstreet informed Lee that "Anderson's brigade was so far on its way to Charleston...that it could not be diverted," that he had decided to replace it in Hood's Division with Jenkins' Brigade, and that had Jenkins continued to Charleston he (Longstreet) felt that Beauregard would have kept both brigades.
      Oh, and on 9/4 Longstreet in a letter to Lee suggested that his corps remain with the AoNV, that Bragg be transferred to take command of it while he (Longstreet) replaced Bragg as commanding general of the AoT, and that the only troops Longstreet needed to take with him were Jenkins', Wise's and John R. Cooke's brigades and some artillery.  (Cooke's Brigade, which belonged to Heth's Division, like Jenkins' and Corse's had been held in Virginia during the Gettysburg campaign.)
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      in regards to the Georgians,  the only Brigade of Longstreet's Georgians to fight in the Battle was Benning's.  Wofford's Brigade was in the area, but asigned to duties in the rear.  BryaN'S and Anderson's Brigades arrived in the next couple of days after the Battle.


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