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23414Longstreet move west

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  • hank9174
    Oct 9, 2003
      Did Bragg know the size of Longsteet's reinforcement and it's
      timetable of arrival from the east in September 1863?

      I'm amazed that Bragg would start the battle of Chickamauga before
      the entire force was up. 3 brigades took part in the battle, but 5
      brigades and the artillery battalion of 30 guns arrived too late.

      Consider that Bragg had a deficiency of infantry and was fighting on
      the tactical offensive. Did he wish the AoT to have a victory without
      the help of Longstreet's columns?

      I wonder how much he knew of their imminent arrival as no one
      prepared to meet Longstreet and escort him to HQ. IIRC, it was 10
      days from departure at Louisa Court House until the ANV forces were
      completely deployed.

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