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2322RE: [civilwarwest] Tullahoma, East Tennessee

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  • Bob Huddleston
    Dec 20, 2000
      To which I say "amen!" Brian's forward places Hinman in context and the book
      deserves more notice as one of the best of the semi-fictional accounts of
      the life of an average soldier, to rank along with _Hardtack and Coffee_ and
      _Detailed Minutiae of Soldier life in the ANV_.

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      Message text written by INTERNET:civilwarwest@egroups.com
      Dear Group:

      I followed your recommendations on readings about Chickamauga and
      Chattanooga with great interest and much pleasure, so now I have another
      biblio. question:
      What should I be reading for background guidance/reference on the
      Tullahoma and East Tennessee campaigns? (Either or both.)
      I am, you may recall, most interested in a Northern perspective,
      especially cavalry, but will accept your recommendations regardless.



      It might seem a bit unconventional a recommendation but I'd highly
      recommend Wilbur Hinman's incomparable novel, "Corporal Si Klegg and His
      Pard". While it is a very lightly fictionalized novel, Hinman was a
      veteran of the Army of the Cumberland (he served in the 65th Ohio,
      participated in the Tullahoma campaign, and was wounded at Chickamauga.
      He enlisted as a private in 1861 and ended the war as a major and acting
      lieutenant colonel ). It was originally serialized in the National
      Tribune to an extremely enthusiastic reception from Hinman's fellow
      veterans. There's an excellent reprint out by J.W. Henry Publishing,
      Inc., with a foreword by Brian Pohanka.


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