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22574Re: [civilwarwest] General George H. Thomas

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  • Don Plezia
    Dec 3, 2000

      Read Francis McKinney's "Education in Violence". It's the best. Then
      read Grant's and Sherman's "Memior"s, to see how they slandered him to
      build up themselves.

      Then go to Bob Redman's site:- http://www.aotc.net/ and read Thomas
      Budd Van Horne's Biography "Life of General George H. Thomas". This was
      the only author able to use Thomas's personal paper's before he died and
      the were destroyed by his wife per his wishes.



      D. W. Plezia
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      > Richard,
      > I have read three bios of Geo Thomas. You bet this man was
      > I suggest Frank Palumbo's GEORGE HENRY THOMAS, THE DEPENDABLE
      GENERAL and
      > Cleaves' ROCK OF CHICKAMAUGA.
      > regards,
      > Peter Cohron
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