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22568[civilwarwest] Re: General George H. Thomas

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  • David Woodbury
    Dec 4, 2000
      At 4:37 PM +0000 12/3/00, Bagtown@... wrote:
      >Thanks Much excellent website I truly was disturbed when I read of
      >some of General Thomas' mistreatment at the hands of his superiors
      >and peers.

      As others have said, Thomas is almost universally regarded as one of
      the best general officers of the war. You'll be well served to do a
      lot of reading on the man if you're interested, and form your own
      opinions. There is an unfortunate tendency among some Thomas admirers
      to exalt him by tearing others down. Specifically, there is an
      inclination to exaggeratedly denigrate Grant and Sherman by way of
      casting Thomas in a better light. Classic examples of this kind of
      Thomas hagiography are Buell's book, "Warrior Generals," and articles
      such as "Politics in the Union army at the Battle for Chattanooga" at
      the web site to which you were first directed.

      All of this is to say it pays to keep reading.

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