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22560The Flag Flap Ends!

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  • Dick Weeks
    Dec 3, 2000
      I was out of the loop until yesterday because of some computer problems and have been just sorting through the mail this morning.  It seems that Pat has asked twice that this discussion about the flag be discontinued and I thought it had been.  However, it would seem that some are still creeping through.  Since two requests to discontinue have already been issued, there will not be a third.  I will unsubscribe the next one that comes through.
      Folks, there is probably no one in the group that has more opinions on the different aspects of the war and it's aftermath than I do.  However, this group was set up to discuss the Western Theater of Operations, not the causes of the war, the Reconstruction years, or modern day controversies stemming from the war.  There are occasions where comparisons of Western Theater commanders need to be compared to those of the Eastern Theater and I find no great problem with this.  A discussion of the actions of commanders that served in both theaters is also acceptable as long as their conduct in West remains the central theme.
      I dearly hate having to send messages like this but sometimes it is necessary.
      I am, very respectfully, your obedient servant,
      Dick (a.k.a. Shotgun)
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