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22546Re: [civilwarwest] Re: Georgia flag

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  • Larry McGibben
    Dec 2, 2000
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      ROTFLMAO Bob. Sure sounds like Yankee history written by yankees to me.

      Larry (KyReb)

      Bob Huddleston wrote:

      > The Christian Cross, as well as the Union Jack, were all seen as
      > representing slavery.
      > Their difference from the Confederate flags is that the Britjsh took the
      > lead in ending not only the international slave trade, but also provided an
      > example to the world, unfortunately not followed by the United States, by
      > liberating all slaves in the British Empire almost trirty years before our
      > own slave-owner inspired Civil War bloodbath.
      > If the Bible was used to justify slavery [as well as the KKK] , Christianity
      > was also the Rock on which the Abolitionists in both the US & UK built their
      > successful Crusades.
      > And the American flag may have protected slavery, but only as long as the
      > slave states dominated the Government.
      > The election of a ''Black Republican'' president changed
      > all that and the supporters of slavery had to seek another Flag to protect
      > thejr interests, albeit unsuccessfully.
      > Only the various Confederate flags represented Slavery from first to last.
      > None of this should be construed as attacks on the memory of the men who
      > followed the various Battle Flags - I may not approve of their Cause, but I
      > admire and respect their Bravery and Courage.
      > Bob Huddleston
      > James Jolly wrote on 11/30/00 7:15 pm:
      > Why stop with the Georgia state flag then. The US flag also represented the
      > enslavement of a people. Just as bad it represented genocide toward Native
      > Americans. Should we then change all such emblems?
      > JJ
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      > Actually, I support changing the State flag of Georgia. Outside the
      > context of the history of the Civil War, the Stars and Bars means, to me
      > and many others, the enslavement of a race of people considered less than
      > human. I would think that no State would want to have that association
      > with it today, no matter how historically correct it is. If the Stars and
      > Bars conjures up racism in the minds of a large segment of the population
      > of any nationality, why have it in a State emblem, when the State is there
      > to serve all its citizens, including the descendants of those that the
      > State helped enslave? eGroups Sponsor
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