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  • Bob Huddleston
    Dec 1, 2000
      The Christian Cross, as well as the Union Jack, were all seen as
      representing slavery.
      Their difference from the Confederate flags is that the Britjsh took the
      lead in ending not only the international slave trade, but also provided an
      example to the world, unfortunately not followed by the United States, by
      liberating all slaves in the British Empire almost trirty years before our
      own slave-owner inspired Civil War bloodbath.
      If the Bible was used to justify slavery [as well as the KKK] , Christianity
      was also the Rock on which the Abolitionists in both the US & UK built their
      successful Crusades.
      And the American flag may have protected slavery, but only as long as the
      slave states dominated the Government.
      The election of a ''Black Republican'' president changed
      all that and the supporters of slavery had to seek another Flag to protect
      thejr interests, albeit unsuccessfully.
      Only the various Confederate flags represented Slavery from first to last.
      None of this should be construed as attacks on the memory of the men who
      followed the various Battle Flags - I may not approve of their Cause, but I
      admire and respect their Bravery and Courage.

      Bob Huddleston

      James Jolly wrote on 11/30/00 7:15 pm:

      Why stop with the Georgia state flag then. The US flag also represented the
      enslavement of a people. Just as bad it represented genocide toward Native
      Americans. Should we then change all such emblems?


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      Aristotle "Nicomachean Ethics

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      Actually, I support changing the State flag of Georgia. Outside the
      context of the history of the Civil War, the Stars and Bars means, to me
      and many others, the enslavement of a race of people considered less than
      human. I would think that no State would want to have that association
      with it today, no matter how historically correct it is. If the Stars and
      Bars conjures up racism in the minds of a large segment of the population
      of any nationality, why have it in a State emblem, when the State is there
      to serve all its citizens, including the descendants of those that the
      State helped enslave? eGroups Sponsor
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