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  • gishmayo@aol.com
    Nov 30, 2000
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      In a message dated 11/30/00 9:17:02 PM Eastern Standard Time,
      redrover@... writes:

      The US flag also represented the enslavement of a people.

      This is true... without the emancipation proclamation the US would still have
      slavery after the war.  Soldiers fighting for the North carried the stars and
      stripes, and their efforts freed the slaves eventually, but slavery existed
      in the same nation they were fighting for as the banner carried by those men
      in blue still had the full compliment of stars including those that
      represented the states of the South where slavery was still in practice.
      Therefore the North as well was fighting to preserve this peculiar
      institution.  The Confederate National Banner is no more a symbol of
      enslavement of a race than that of the current United States flag that flies
      over our very nation's capital without controversy.  The South didn't stand
      just for the right to enslave men, but to make a government they believed
      worked better than a federation.  If a Confederacy is seen as wrong, just
      remember how the US started out ! under the "Articles of Confederation" which
      was run under the still unchanged national colors.  People are seeing all the
      wrong things in the Confederate flag, it should fly as a symbol of Georgia's
      dedication to preserving their homeland and to all the men who had the
      courage to do exactly what our founding fathers did.  These deeds should be
      looked upon as admirable, not to be directed at our generation, or not even
      meant as an insult to the federal government, but as a complement to the ways
      of our republic.  People who see the actions of the South as brutal should
      not stand up for the colonists who fought King George back in the 18th
      century.  Although it could be argued that the rights of the southerners were
      not being oppressed, the people of the South were under that impression, and
      it could also be argued that they were being oppressed, it all depends on who
      you talk to and what evidence you see.  ! ;At this point in our country's
      history it is impossible to look back and declare such things about our
      ancestors, we cannot be put in their positions entirely and therefore have no
      right to claim things as absolute, just to argue things.  The flag should fly
      over Georgia as a reminder of the Civil War, as the even has shaped her
      immensely and has undoubtedly changed its meaning for the better.

      Phil N.
      A Yank
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