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22470RE: [civilwarwest] Re: Fw: Help get out the vote! Email everyone you know and ask them to VOTE FOR AL GORE!

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  • Bob Huddleston
    Nov 7, 2000
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      Let's make this more topical.

      Both GW and Al have deep roots, even if GW's are in Maine :>)

      I assume Al's GGgrandfather was trying to get elected in a Tennessee
      regiment and GW's in a Maine outfit.

      The following was posted elsewhere a couple of years ago:

      A Tale of Two Soldiers (a shore-enuff true one, too)

      Among the many Sons of Mississippi who answered the call of the infant
      Confederate States were two ordinary dirt farmers who are notable not so
      much for their own accomplishments as they are for their progeny.

      One man served as a private in Company H of the 27th Mississippi Infantry,
      Walthall's Brigade, Army of Tennessee. The other was a private in Company F
      of the 34th Mississippi Infantry, also of Walthall's Brigade. Following the
      disasters at the Battles of Franklin and Nashville and the subsequent
      retreat of the army, the 27th and 34th Mississippi Infantries were
      consolidated into one regiment. The new, consolidated regiment and these two
      men (who may have been members of the same company, although I have not
      confirmed that...) carried on to the end of the war, fighting their last
      action at Bentonville.

      So what's the big deal? If these two men could have seen the future, they
      may very well have shot at each other rather than the yankees. Lemme give
      you their names.

      William H. Buchanan, Pvt., Co. H, 27th Mississippi Infantry, g.g.
      grandfather of one Patrick J. Buchanan.


      Thomas Jefferson Blythe, Pvt., Co. F, 34th Mississippi Infantry, Army g.g.
      grandfather of one William Jefferson Clinton.

      Take care,


      10643 Sperry Street
      Northglenn, CO 80234-3612
      303.451.6376 adco@...
      Fax: 303.452.3051

      Give me a break. Voting is important but this afterall is a
      discussion group on the western theater of Civil War. So what company
      and regiment is "Old Al" trying to get elected an officer in?
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