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2202Re: General George H. Thomas

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  • Geoff Blankenmeyer
    Dec 3, 2000
      IMO, the best treatments of Thomas and the AoC are the original
      treatments. Keep in mind that modern historians have the
      luxury of hindsight to reconstruct the annals listed below, but the
      ideas in the main from each of these three texts remains intact.
      Unfortunately all are out of print and you may have to travel to a
      well stocked library to find each. Good luck. The books I mentioned

      Bickham, William D. Rosecrans' Campaign with the Fourteenth Army
      Corps, or the Army of the Cumberland; Moore, Wilstach, Keys & Co.,

      Fitch, John. Annals of the Army of the Cumberland; Lippincott, 1864.

      Van Horne, Thomas B. History of the Army of the Cumberland, Its
      Organization, Campaigns, and Battles. Written at the Request of
      Major General George H. Thomas; Cincinnati, 1875.

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