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21517Re: Politics of war ( maybe a little off topic)

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  • Graham Lee
    Aug 6, 2000
      --- In civilwarwest@egroups.com, "Henry*\"Mandala\"*"
      <HenryMandala@g...> wrote:
      > that
      > >even if the CSA succeeded in the civil war they would have fell
      apart just
      > >because the country was founded on the division of beliefs rather
      uniting of
      > >them.
      > > O.K. very good point. I was wondering if the south had won and
      in turn fell apart,
      > would there have been a America to turn the tide of War in World
      1 and World War two?
      > That is, a divided America is so many parts, would this have
      World History?
      > End---Henry
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      The point you make is very pertinent. However, all we can say
      that the WBTS was fought, was won by the Union and, thus, brought
      about the America we now know. My personal opinion, based on my
      reading on the subject, is that - war or no war - the Confederacy
      would not have survived. In fact, I think it possible that the war
      have prolonged the life of what was, at its strongest, a very tenuous
      Having accepted this, we then have to look for the most likely
      outcome among a myriad of possibilties and, as such, we will be
      diverting from the main topic of this group. I originally used the
      Eastern Theatre/Western Front analogy to illustrate a specific point
      about the mindset of the general officers involved. I don't think
      friend Shotgun will thank us for extending the scope of the Group
      the role of the USA in Twentieth Century politics. My profound
      apologies, Dick, for leading the members off the point but even that
      serves to demonstrate just how pivotal was the WBTS in the overall
      scheme of World Military History.
      Graham Lee
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