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21501Re: [civilwarwest] Politics of war ( maybe a little off topic)

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  • grabrulee@aol.com
    Aug 4, 2000
      Everything you say is absolutely correct. In the CSA the individual
      States did not pull together to give that "National Feeling" without which a
      nation cannot be a nation. The CSA was, in fact, eleven separate States, each
      with its own agenda, leaving Jeff Davis (the only person as far as I can see
      who truely believed in the concept of the Confederacy) in the same position
      as a conductor with an orchestra of eleven different instruments all playing
      different tunes at the same time- and you think Clinton has problems???
      I was born in London only four years after WWII ended and already, while
      I was growing up, my parents and their friends were bemoaning the fact that
      that "special" feel was being lost that had got Londoners through the dark
      days of the blitz, the "doodlebugs" , the V2 rockets, etc. All of that
      generation agree that without that feeling Hilter would have acheived his
      If the CSA as a "nation" could not pull together at a time of War, how
      could they ever have survived Peace? My contention is that they were their
      own Doom, even without a war. What would have arisen, however, in that case
      would NOT have been the America we know today and for that you have the
      Western Theatre to thank for bringing about an end to the war when it did.
      If anyone thinks that Mankind ever learns anything, read the history of
      battles such as the two Bull Runs, Gettysburg, etc., of the Eastern Front;
      then read the accounts of the battles fought in France during the Great War -
      recognise any difference? I can't. It was not until some thinking generals
      got to grips with things that WWI ever ended; exactly as happened 50 years
      previously on the Western Front in the WBTS.
      OK, I'm climbing off my soapbox now.
      Graham Lee.
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