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21482Re: [civilwarwest] Did they fight in the West?

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  • grabrulee@aol.com
    Aug 2, 2000
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      Terry.....your remarks about perspective are absolutely right. As I remarked
      in an earlier posting, I am British and my Brit education said little about
      the War as a whole, got the causes absolutely wrong and suggested that the
      whole thing was fought out on the Washington/Richmond axis.

      Again I think this goes beyond the sporting arena and through the whole of
      Society (on both sides of the Atlantic I must confess). We have created a
      society in which everything must be "instant". Thrift has given way to debt,
      the past withits values and traditions is just something that happened and
      has no relevance to today and the future only exists on a financial

      Now that I have joined the group I intend to make a full contribution even if
      most of my posting (as I'm sure they will) are prefaced by "What..?",
      "Why...?" or "Where...?"

      Graham Lee
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