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21277Re: Perseverance (was Lee)

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  • mobile_96
    Jun 5, 2000
      --- In civilwarwest@egroups.com, "Don Plezia" <oneplez@e...> wrote:
      > What was being shipped by the Confederates in that stretch? What
      > be shipped?
      > I think Vicksburg was too high on the list of Confederate
      > Davis's desire to protect 'all' of the confederacy.
      > Cordially,
      > D. W. Plezia

      Vicksburg's control of the river prevented commerce from the upper
      Mississippi to the Gulf,which states like Illinios,Michigan and
      Indiana were telling Lincoln they wanted open so they could move
      their products. With the Union taking Vicksburg they would split the
      south in two, and prevent the movement of foodstuffs, manpower and
      material, including Mercury for "caps" and horses, which the south
      needed very badly, from Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas. Also the
      Southern Railroad of Mississippi made the city a strategic importance.
      Therefore, Vicksburg was a political, economic and military prize
      for Lincoln.
      Pemberton was picked by J.Davis especially to defend Vicksburg with
      Johnston assigned to command a area encompassing Vicksburg but did
      not specifically include Pemberton and his forces. The 2 were supposed
      to work together to protect all the approaches to the city and the
      city itself. But it appears as if Johnston was not sure of his duties
      and failed to direct all his forces in a effective direction, and
      probably contributed to the downfall of Vicksburg. (IMHO)
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