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  • philip@twinoaks.org
    Jun 5, 2000
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      > --- In civilwarwest@egroups.com, philip@t... wrote:
      > He came from a humble
      > background, and was not above grabbing a subordinate officer, who
      > refused to pull his own weight, by the scruff of the neck and
      > throwing him overboard. He must have been tremendously powerful.
      > To reach down and haul a Yankee soldier onto his saddle as a
      > shield must have taken enormous strength.
      > Philip Callen
      > Can you give me a reference or references to the incident of
      > Forrest using a yankee soldier as a shield?
      > Was told this by a memember of a cw club online but no sources have
      > been produced so far. Was told it happened at Shiloh when Forrest was
      > in same area as U.S.Grant. We recently had a discussion on Forrest at
      > Fort Pillow.
      > I have 3 books on Forrest and also Mortons book on the Artillery of
      > NBForrest's Cavalry, but no mention is made of this incident.
      > Chuck in Illinois

      Hi Chuck,
      Someone else has already responded to this, but I thought I would,
      too. I found two references to the incident: one in Shelby Foote's
      trilogy, and one in Jack Hurst's biography of Forrest. The incident
      is supposed to have taken place after Shiloh when Forrest was in
      charge of the rear-guard action. Hurst seems to have reason to
      believe that the story was first told by Forrest's son to a biographer.
      So maybe the story is apocryphal just keeps being repeated
      because it sounds so great (that's redundant isn't it?). I have no
      knowlege of primary sources that would verify it.
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