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21260Re: [civilwarwest] Re: High command

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  • carpmaster
    Jun 3, 2000
      ecm777@... wrote:

      > Chuck,
      > I'm reading First With the Most by Robert Selp Henry. On page 81 (battle of
      > Shiloh-Fallen Timbers) it says ...

      Close to the same thing told by Wyeth in That Devil Forrest, but nothing about
      grabbing anyone to protect his butt.
      Really, thanks a heap for the clarifying of this info. My friend, was wrong
      about it being Grant he was 'hiding' from, I see.
      Have been putting off buying that book as I have a 4 ft. pile now to read. Just
      finished Grants Memoirs,(with selected letters) and into the 1st of 4 vols. of
      Nevins "War for the Union"
      So many books and so little time, and that curse of life, Work, always in my
      No one in the club could help me, as the main ones are very knowledgeable about
      the eastern actions, as they mostly live there, but know very little on the
      western front.
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