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  • Stephen D Wakefield
    May 29, 2000
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      One thing I neglected to mention ...I am assuming that the records we have
      are from the 28th La, Volunteer Infantry. the 28th La. was not in existence
      at the time of Shiloh April6-7, 1862, BUT if in fact he had state militia
      service ( with one of the three militia units I identified in the earlier
      post) when he signed up with the 28 La. he would have been given credit for
      time served from his prior service, He was signing up for 3 years or the war
      whichever came first. It was common for officers as an inducement to sign up
      to allow enlistees to "back-date" initial enlistment to time he had joined
      prior units.
      When the three militia units I mentioned had their 90 enlistment's expire,
      it would have been during the Siege of Cornith and many joined new or
      existing regular volunteer units. For example I think the Crescent Reg..
      which was in fact 11 companies instead of the regulation called for 10
      companies ... pretty much joined up enmass to form t___ I think and this is
      from memory the 20th or 23 th La... Could be wrong on that.
      Now unfortunately I just do not know exactly when the 28th La. came into
      Now that brings us to the BIG problem with your information. To the best of
      my memory there was no 28th La. at Chickasaw Bluffs or that surrendered with
      the Vicksburg garrison. Now I will defer to " Dameron" who is really our
      resident expert on Vicksburg. But the provisional division under Lee was the
      only division with La. infantry units in it at Chickasaw Bluffs and I am
      pretty sure ( not certain ) that the La infantry regiments where
      17th,22nd,26th, 29th and 31st. I think the 3rd La. arrived after most of
      fighting completed... the 28th though I just do not remember. Also no 28th
      La. at Shiloh. At the surrender in July 63 there was no 28th La. that
      surrendered --now on this one I am about 90% sure.
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      > Hi, Y'all!
      > I am new to the Group, and look forward to meeting all of you.
      > I have had the good fortune to become close friends with an Australian
      > whose great-grandfather emigrated to America about 1855. In March,
      > 1861, John Fearn Francis enlisted in New Orleans as a private with the
      > 28th Thomas' Louisiana Infantry Regiment (Volunteers). He was present
      > at Chickasaw Bluffs/Bayou and was paroled at Vicksburg as a 2nd
      > Lieutenant. He lived in Mansfield, Louisiana, and was there on 8 April
      > 1864. After his death at Mansfield, his widow and children returned home
      > to Australia. The events at Mansfield are another interesting story
      > altogether!
      > A question: John Francis' military records show him to be a "Nurse in
      > Camp Hospital on Daily Duty", or "Nurse R.H." ("R.H"??? Regimental
      > Headquarters, maybe?). My friend remembers family stories about this
      > ancestor, including talk of Shiloh, but he can't remember the Shiloh
      > connection. Is there any record of medical personnel from other units,
      > especially a NEW unit, being sent in to Shiloh AFTER the battle?
      > Francis enlisted 29 March 1862; Shiloh was less than ten days later. Is
      > that even a possibility? The earliest date shown on the Company Muster
      > Rolls and Regimental Returns is 30 April 1862.
      > Or maybe it was that the story of Shiloh made such an impression on
      > Ellen Francis (his widow) that the story has been passed on down to the
      > fourth generation.
      > Anyone have any thoughts on this?
      > Thanks!
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