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21041[civilwarwest] Earthworks...the continuing saga

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  • Chris Huff
    Mar 11, 2000
      Dear Folks,
      I got some good and interesting news today. I spoke with Bob Fryeman who is an archeologist who has been working on uncovering the location of Civil War earthworks around Atlanta and he says that there are roughly three quarters of a mile of the earthworks which comprised Johnston's river line remaining intact. The best preserved of these are very well preserved and are truly located near the mouth of Nickajack Creek. He says that the works are massive and that there is a large, six gun redan still very much in existence along with a trailing right angle extending to what would have been the Confederate left.
      The earthworks are now protected and are owned by Cobb County and are not accessible without permission from the county. Bob warned me that the area is probably so well protected because there are a lot of drug deals that go on in those woods and one Cobb County policeman asked him if he was armed when Bob was taking some students back to the earthworks. Bob, of course, was not so the policeman warned him about the danger. Like the trooper he is that didn't slow Bob down so he has some photos of the works as well as measurements and all kinds of other neat information.
      Of interest too is the fact that he has been able to superimpose a map of the fortifications from Civil War times with a current map of Atlanta. If you're interested in how he did this I can pass the info along. He has written a chapter for a book about archeology and the Civil War which will be coming out next year. The title will be "Heal this Land" and it sounds really good. Bob's chapter will be about the work he has been doing here in Atlanta.
      On the first shot issue, I asked Dr. McMurry about the Pensacola reference and with a sly grin he said it was in the O.R. Volume I. I said "Thanks a lot!". Gotta go get my "book diggin' " hat on.
      What a great day! More later.
      Chris Huff
      Atlanta, GA
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