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2094Re: [civilwarwest] Cavalry raiders seminar

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  • M. E. Heatherington
    Nov 5, 2000
      Dear Stevie:
      Time to grow up now.

      >From: csacavalier@...
      >Reply-To: civilwarwest@egroups.com
      >To: civilwarwest@egroups.com
      >Subject: Re: [civilwarwest] Cavalry raiders seminar
      >Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000 09:52:11 EST
      >Dear Madelon,
      > Dang....another good story ruined by the facts. <grin>
      > Have you ever noticed that we have a tendency sometimes to sound like
      >are all studying for a particularly difficult bar exam? I didn't mean to
      >interrupt your studies or to gore your ox....it was just a lame attempt to
      >raise a smile. I promise I'll be more careful around them sacred bovines.
      >Think of me as moving down here to the far end of the table and I'll be the
      >one doodling in the notebook anxiously waiting for the recess bell.

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