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20898[civilwarwest] Re: Guerilla Warfare: Motivation

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  • jkaschyk
    Jan 27, 2001
      Thanks. I realize that they all have different personal reasons, but I hope to kind of
      generalize three or four major themes to their causes. i.e. patriotism, defense of
      family/home, psychopathic murderer, revenge. My original plan was to just relate the
      incidences and events of this area during the war, but the school is trying something new
      where they want us to "think deeply" not just tell boring facts(IMHO liberal mumbo jumbo).
      So I decided to do the motivation thing. My main question now is, what caused these men to
      fight in guerilla bands as opposed to regular army/cavalry units?

      You mentioned Lindsey Murdock. What were some of the other union guerillas or cav. units
      who fought these irregulars? I'm a union man myself and would like to look at these men as
      well. Thanks.


      George Reed wrote:

      > Brian,
      > If I may be so bold as to reply to your questions as to motivation. They
      > vary as much are there were guerrilla units.Of course I am speaking from the
      > prospective from Missouri. Sam Hildrebrand's group was motivated because of
      > what they perceived to be union atrocities commeted to their families and
      > friends. As with Bill Phelps, the union came to his farm and destroyed or
      > stole all of his livestock. Jeff Thompson, fought as irregular merely
      > because his men refused to leave Missouri.
      > On the other side of the coin was a fellow named Lindsey Murdock who hosted
      > a band of yankee raiders that were involved in the same type of activities
      > as their counterparts.
      > All of these men were I suppose you would say indenpent souls that had
      > their own score to settle.
      > I remain your Obt. servant
      > George Reed aka COB
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      > Date: Wednesday, January 26, 2000 5:40 PM
      > Subject: [civilwarwest] Guerilla Warfare: Motivation
      > >Thanks for the replies. I've altered my topic somewhat, and I think I
      > >want to study the motivations/"causes" held by these irregulars. Some
      > >were just cold blooded killers and they obviously fought for different
      > >reasons than those who fought with regular army units. Any books/info
      > >which looks into this area? Thanks.
      > >
      > >brian
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