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20652[civilwarwest] tribal wars

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  • Robert L. Cole
    Dec 4, 1999
      I'm brand-new to this site. This is my first message since
      registration. I am particularly interested in the Trans-Mississippi
      theater of operations, and even more interested in the inter-tribal
      conflicts in Indian Territory. Anyone out there interested in
      conversation about the Creek-Cherokee battles of 1861-2 ???

      There are some wonderful histories on the WWW about the "strange"
      ("unexpected" might be a better word) amalgam of traditionalism,
      protestantism and masonry, among many of the tribes in the Indian
      Territory during the Civil War, and the influence these beliefs exerted
      on loyalties and willingness to engage in conflict.

      IN any event. Hello. Look forward to any willing conversationalists !!


      Bob Cole
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