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20548[civilwarwest] Confederate enlisted ranks.

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  • pedinkler@frontier.net
    Nov 7, 1999
      My great grandfather says he was the orderly sergant for the 23d
      Mississippi Infantry Regiment. I have searched just about everywhere I
      could in hopes of finding some shred of information that would
      substantiate my great grandfathers claim. Failing that, I started
      loking for some description of the rank. I have found that from Lt. on
      down there were 1st., 2nd., 3d., and 4th everything...even privates!
      Can you imagine being a 4th private? I started out as an E-1 (third
      private) and knew dogs who were better off than me.

      All joking aside, can anyone provide me with any infromaton regarding
      the rank of orderly sergant, and how it fit into the general structure
      of regimental organization?


      Waldemar Winkler
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