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20543[civilwarwest] GOP Cuts Civil War Sites Funds

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  • P. B. Jones
    Oct 29, 1999
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      "The administration has asked for an appropriation of $70 million to be spent over the next three years to complete the federal government's acquisition of privately owned land involved in major Civil War engagements.

      Congressional Republicans have cut the battlefield-preservation request by $60 million, a reduction of 85 percent."

      The above is an excerpt from an article in today's Chicago Tribune. The full text can be found at:


      While it is generating a lot of discussion in Webamerica's CW chatroom,  it is hoped that it will also prompt a flurry of email and phone calls to our congress men and women concerning  Senate Appropriations Bill  H.R.2466. 

      Please, read the article and consider contacting your representatives to voice your opinion on battlefield acquisition and preservation.  If you don't know your representatives, or are unfamiliar with how to get in touch and make your voice be heard, check http://www.eff.org/congress/#dosdonts   The site will  help in identifying people to contact, as well as provide a crash course for what to say (& not say).




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