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20499[civilwarwest] Autobiography of a Confederate Colonel

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  • neho69@hotmail.com
    Oct 20, 1999
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      Even though I am aware this group is more for discussion than for
      research,and deals w/ matters of the western theatre, I am trying to
      find a certain document and I felt, who better to ask than a group of
      Civil War buffs? Anyway, I'm trying to find the autobiography of
      colonel Eppa Hunton of the 8th Virginia, for research purposes. Eppa
      Hunton was in numerous battles including Pickett's Charge (3rd day at
      Gettysburg), he eventually became a brigadier general and served in
      Congress. Because he is an unknown figure of the war, it is extremely
      hard to find this book. If anyone knows where I would or might find it
      I would be very thankful.
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