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  • P. B. Jones
    Oct 19, 1999
      Don, Bryan and all,
      I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the web page, but read with great interest information on  Appomattox Surrender and other various artistic renderings of the event at http://www.mscomm.com/~ulysses/page179.html .  At the bottom of the page is a link which refers to the surrender furniture and the Custer connection.  http://www.150.si.edu/150trav/remember/r316.htm
      Best regards.
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      From: Don Myers
      Sent: Monday, October 18, 1999 8:09 PM
      Subject: [civilwarwest] Re: Surrender at Appomattox


      I wouldn't swear to this, I thought that I had read somewhere that Custer
      was not actually in the same room for the surrender because it was too
      crowded.  That he had to witness it from another room or hallway or
      something.  Further, that Phil Sheridan felt bad that Custer couldn't be in
      there, so he purchased the table the surrender signing took place on from
      Mr. MacClean, and presented it to Custer as a present.

      Like I said, I "heard" or read this somewhere, whether it has any factual
      basis to it or not I could not vouch for.
      Your Obedient Servant;
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      From: Bryan D. McRaven <dameron@...>
      To: civilwarwest@egroups.com <civilwarwest@egroups.com>
      Date: Monday, October 18, 1999 9:03 PM
      Subject: [civilwarwest] Re: Surrender at Appomattox

      >             The painting to which you reffer is historically accurate. The
      >gentleman in gray standing beside Lee is his secretary Lt. Col. Charles
      >Marshall. Standing around Gen. Grant, from left to right are; Gen. Phil
      >Sheridan, Col. Orville E. Babcock, Lt.Col. Horace Porter,  Maj. Gen. Edward
      >O.C. Ord, Maj. Gen. Seth Williams, Col. Theodore S. Bowers,  Col. Ely S.
      >Parker, and Maj. Gen. George A. Custer.
      >Hope this helps,
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      >From: <JackEhmer123@...>
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      >Sent: Monday, October 18, 1999 4:34 PM
      >Subject: [civilwarwest] Surrender at Appomattox
      >> This may not be the correct forum for this question, but I will bet that
      >> there are several out there who can answer a question for me: Who were
      >> officers present in the room at the McLean House for the signing of the
      >> surrender? In particular, I am referring to the painting, "Surrender at
      >> Appomattox", by Tom Lovell. The Union officer at the far right has been
      >> identified to me as either Custer or Chamberlain. In fact, this picture
      >> or may not be historically accurate. From Chamberlain's, "Passing of the
      >> Armies", it does not appear that he was in the room. Thanks for your
      >> Jack Ehmer
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