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  • rockeurgri@aol.com
    Sep 23, 1999
      Help solve a family mystery. Shortly after Missionary Ridge:
      From General Grants Memoirs Volume ll.: "While (I was) following the
      enemy on the 26th , and again on the morning of the 27th , part of the
      time by the road to Ringgold. I directed General Hooker to collect the
      flour and wheat in the neighboring mills for the use of the troops, and
      then to destroy the mills and all other property that could be of use
      to the enemy, but not to make any wanton destruction. I arrived at
      Ringgold, however, on the 27th . I arrived just as the artillery that
      Hooker had left behind at Chattanooga Creek got up. At this point Gen.
      Sherman came up, having reached Graysville with his troops, where he
      found Palmer had preceded him. I went back in the evening to Graysville
      with Sherman, remained there over night and did not return to
      Chattanooga until the following night, the 29th of November."

      My ancestor's mill happened to be the closest mill to Gen Grant at that
      time. It was called Roberts' or Gray's Mill and it was located on the
      Ringgold Road. WE were blacksmithing and making military buckets, rifle
      stocks bayonet scabbards as well as grinding flour etc. It was burned I
      think on the 26th or 27th of November 1863. I have located and found
      the actual ruins of the mill and the millstone is in someones front
      yard now. It is on Hurricane Creek in Hamilton County Tenn. My question
      is this: is there a way other than The Official Records of the war of
      the Rebellion (I have on CD Rom) that i can find a report that may have
      been written on the actual carrying out of the burning? I don't mind
      going to a library or archive.
      Ed Roberts
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