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20444[civilwarwest] Re: Robert E. Lee in Missouri???

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  • Mark Wiggin
    Sep 18, 1999
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      hshideaway@... wrote:
      • This is my first attempt.  I sent a message to ??????? just now.  So I
      • will try this again.
      • Does anyone know if Robert E. Lee was ever in Missouri?
      • I know that he was an Engineer before the War and worked in  Texas but

      • I don't know if he was in Missouri.
      • I have never heard of him being in any battles in Missouri.  Am I wrong?
      • Can anyone help???
      • Thanks,
      • Sand
               I believe in the pre war army he served in St. Louis as an engineer building and designing levies on the Mississippi.  Check R.E. Lee Vol. 1 by D. S. Freeman for more accurate info on this account.
      Hope I helped
      Mark Wiggin
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