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20194Battlefield Dead

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  • hartshje
    Sep 2, 2003
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      --- In civilwarwest@yahoogroups.com, "Mark Peters" <mark-peters@m...>
      > I hope that local lore is correct, in this case. I'll try not to
      > be too judgemental, but it seems somewhat repugnant to only bury
      > one's own dead, and leave the bodies of the opposition to the
      > elements, when not in any danger from attack.
      > In fear of being too morbid, I trust respect was generally shown to
      > the dead and treatment was accorded to the injured of both sides,
      > during the length of the conflict. Other than the odd (much
      > written about events), atrocities seem to have been the exception,
      > rather than the rule.


      I'm sure someone in the group is quite knowledgeable concerning the
      aftermath of battles, and taking care of the dead and wounded. My
      own knowledge is somewhat limited, but I think that what usually
      occurred with burial was that the victorious army would try to
      indentify its own dead and give them individual burials, but most of
      the enemy's dead usually ended up in mass graves. Since the battles
      occurred in the South (with a few exceptions), a lot of the
      Confederate dead were claimed by their families and transported back
      home. The sheer number of dead meant that many times overworked
      burial parties didn't always do the best job at digging graves, as I
      have read accounts of remains being rooted up by wild animals, or
      exposed by heavy rainstorms. Further, I believe that after the war,
      most of the dead ended up being re-interred in formal cemeteries.

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