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18620Re: [civilwarwest] Johnstson's Army of Relief

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  • LWhite64@aol.com
    Jul 7, 2003
      Order of Battle for JE Johnston's Army of Relief

      Breckinridge's Divison

      Daniel Adam's Louisiana Brigade
      32nd ALA
      13th/20th LA
      16th/25th LA
      19th LA
      14th LA Sharpshooters

      1st Kentucky "Orphan" Brigade"
      41st ALA
      2nd KY
      4th KY
      6th KY
      9th KY

      Stovall's Brigade
      1st/3rd FL
      4th FL
      47th GA
      60th NC

      Rice Grave's Artillery Battalion
      Mebane's TN Battery
      Cobb's KY Battery
      5th Company Washington Artillery

      French's Divison

      Maxcy's Brigade
      4th LA
      30th LA
      42nd TN
      46th/55th TN
      48th TN(Voorhies)
      49th TN
      53rd TN
      1st TX Sharphooters

      McNair's Brigade
      1st ARK Mounted Rifles
      2nd ARK Mounted Rifles
      4th ARK
      25th/31st ARK
      39th NC

      Evan's "Tramp" Brigade
      Holcombe Legion
      17th SC
      18th SC
      22nd SC
      23rd SC
      26th SC

      Artillery Battalion
      Fenner's LA Battery
      MscBeth's SC Battery
      Culpepper's SC Battery

      Loring's Divison

      John Adam's Brigade
      1st CONF Battalion
      6th MS
      14th MS
      15th MS
      20th MS
      26th MS
      Lookout Artillery

      Buford's Brigade
      27th ALA
      35th ALA
      54th ALA
      55th ALA
      9th ARK
      3rd KY
      7th KY
      8th KY
      12th LA
      3rd MO Cav Batt
      Pointe Coupe LA Artillery

      Featherston's Brigade
      3rd MS
      22nd MS
      31st MS
      33rd MS
      1st MS Sharpshooters
      Carpenteir's ALA Battery
      Co. C, 14th MS Artillery

      Walker's Divison
      Ector's Brigade
      9th TX
      10th TX Cav
      14th TX Cav
      32nd TX Cav
      40th ALA
      43rd MS
      McNally's ARK Battery

      Gregg's Brigade
      7th TX
      10th TN
      30th TN
      41st TN
      50th TN
      1st TN Battalion
      3rd TN
      Bledsoe's MO Battery

      Gist's Brigade
      24th SC
      46th GA
      8th GA Battalion
      16th SC
      Ferguson's SC Battery

      Wilson's Brigade
      25th GA
      29th GA
      30th GA
      1st GA Sharpshooters
      4th LA Battalion
      Howell's GA Battery

      William "Red" Jackson's Cav Divison

      Cosby's Brigade
      1st MS Cav
      4th MS Cav
      28th MS Cav
      Adam's MS Cav
      Ballentine's MS Cav
      17th MS Cav Battalion
      Clark's MO Battery

      Whitfield's Brigade
      3rd TX Cav
      6th TX Cav
      9th TX Cav
      1st TX Legion
      Bridge's Provisonal Battalion

      Reserve Artillery
      Battery B, Palmetto Artillery
      Columbus GA Artillery
      Durrive's LA Battery

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