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17313Re: Lew Wallace's Destination

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  • bjer50010
    Apr 1, 2003
      --- In civilwarwest@yahoogroups.com, "Will" <wh_keene@y...>
      > --- In civilwarwest@yahoogroups.com, "bjer50010"
      <bjewell@i...> wrote:
      > > ...
      > > Apparently Mr. Rose is not responding to my replies (for
      which I
      > > am grateful). But this continued insistence that the Shunpike
      > > represented the shortest and most direct route to the
      > > in clear contradiction to Wallace's admitted error (from his
      > > visit to the battlefield) defies logic.
      > And this is news how?
      > > ...The Shunpike was 3-4 miles
      > > longer than the River Rd. All other considerations are
      > > insignificant in relation to this point. Grant was obviously
      > > mislead by Wallace's flawed map and incorrect OR, into
      > > believing that the Shunpike would have been shorter had he
      > > intended him to go to Owl Creek. This is what Wallace later
      > > realized was incorrect. Why Mr. Rose cannot understand that
      > > point, which Daniel has also presented, is not clear.
      > Yes, but I think the discussion can advance from the premise
      > Wallace himself was misled in April 1862 into believing that
      > Shunpike route was shorter than it actually was. Start with the
      > question of what Wallace thought was true in 1862, not what
      he came
      > to know in 1901. Then ask whether his decisions on April 6th,
      > on what he thought at the time, made any sense.

      I agree that he cannot be held accountable for not having perfect
      hindsight, that is one of the reasons I find the Grant bashing a
      little over the top.

      > A separate question is whether Wallace should have known
      better at
      > the time.

      The answer is yes, he should have known it at the time. He and
      WHL Wallace had agreed to come to each other's aid. Since
      WHL's camps are close to the point at which Lew actually did
      arrive on the field, he should have known that was the closer
      route. In addition, the River Rd. bridge was repaired and the
      road partially cordouroyed in part by Lew Wallace's men. How
      could he not have known about the River Rd?

      The othe disturbing aspect of Wallace's ignorance is that he
      made no attempt to contact Grant during the 2-3 hr. wait between
      seeing him in the morning and getting his division on the road.
      He didn't even send a messenger to find out if Grant's expected
      courier was lost. I can think of numerous mistakes he made, the
      chose of the Shunpike was just one.

      > ~Will

      JB Jewell
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