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17312Re: Lew Wallace's Destination

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  • Will
    Mar 31, 2003
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      --- In civilwarwest@yahoogroups.com, "josepharose" <josepharose@y...>
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      > In the first years after Shiloh, Grant talked about sending Wallace
      > to Pittsburg Landing. Either that was a term he generally applied
      > to the whole of the army encampments--which wouldn't be a very
      > helpful order--or he meant the landing itself, which would have
      > militarily stupid, as well as contradicting just about everyone
      > else. Grant did not expressly state what he *did* want.

      He meant the landing itself which was the militarily intelligent
      thing to do. Why you think it was stupid is a mystery to me.

      It was the intelligent thing to do becuase:
      (A) what Grant needed was a reserve since his existing reserve (WHL
      Wallace's Division) was committed;
      (B) Since the flow of the battle was uncertain, the location at which
      the reserve might be needed was not definite, especially since the
      initial situation made it appear that Sherman was holidng his end of
      the front, so the reserve ought to be brought to the landing;
      (C) directing Wallace to move into the face of the enemy before
      joining with the rest of the army was risky--recall that it was known
      the enemy had been in force at Purdy and were attacking from the
      southwest, thus the River Road was the better option for bringing up
      any attempt to bolster the
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