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  • theme_music <theme_music@yahoo.com>
    Feb 28, 2003
      --- In civilwarwest@yahoogroups.com, Harry Smeltzer <hjs21@c...>
      > I posed these questions a couple of days ago, but have not received
      > to both of them yet:
      > 1) When did Grant's campaign on Vicksburg officially begin (I
      > sometime in October 1862)?

      Given that ones definition of beginining is critical<g>..... My oft-
      expressed opinion is that the nature of this campaign has been
      misunderstood or misrepresented by many auhtors. Grant, in fact,
      never embarked on an overland campaign against Vicksburg in 1862, as
      the correspondance from Halleck clearly lays out. I can provide ORs
      supporting the timeline if requested.

      Chronology of Initial Phase of Vicksburg Campaign (1862)

      10/3-4 Battle of Corinth

      10/8 Grant requests re-inforcements from Halleck.
      Rosecrans pursuit of Van Dorn is called off.

      10/26 Grant again requests reinforcements.

      10/26 Grant telegraphs Halleck with his proposal for an
      overland campaign against Vicksburg. Halleck does not approve.

      10/27 Halleck orders reinforcements to Grant's Department.

      11/1 Grant issues orders beginning the move south along
      the Mississippi Central RR to begin 11/3. At this point, Grant is
      moving overland on "Holly Springs, and maybe Grenada, completing
      railroad and telegraph as I go"

      11/12 Grant requests additional railroad resources to
      support his move southward.

      11/15 Halleck nixes railroad operations south of Memphis
      stating "The enemy must be turned by a movement down the river from
      Memphis as soon as sufficient force can be collected"

      12/5 Halleck sets 12/20 as the jump-off date for the
      riverine expedition. Stating that "Your main object will be to hold
      the line from Memphis to Corinth with as small a force as possible,
      while the largest number possible is thrown upon Vicksburg with the

      > 2) When did Grant first resume offensive operations after the fall
      > Vicksburg?

      July 4, 1863. Grant had prepared, anticipating Pemberton's
      surrender, a force under Sherman whose objective was to push Joe
      Johnston's lurking "Army of Relief" east of Jackson. No major
      battles resulted, but Johnston retreated from Jackson in mid or late

      > And here's a new one:
      > 3) What is the generally accepted date for the beginning of the
      Siege of
      > Petersburg?

      Hey that's Eastern Theatre. Verbotten! But Jim Epperson is the guy
      to ask that question.

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