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16882AoNV vs AOT

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  • james2044 <james2044@hotmail.com>
    Feb 27, 2003
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      I'm reading Sword's "Mountains Touched With Fire" and once more am
      struck how the AoNV was favored over the AOT. Connelly touches on
      this too. In the fall/winter of 1863 when the AoNV was on the
      defensive and the AOT was trying to take Chatanooga, supplies were
      being sent from Alanta to the AoNV. The AOT was expected to live
      off the land and take the city too. Both books show the men of the
      AOT as starving and while things were bad in the AoNV, I don't think
      they were that bad.

      Connelly makes the point that the AOT sent supplies to the AoNV
      through out the war, often "out of its' mouth". It seems if Davis
      had showed half the intrest in the AOT he had in the AoNV things
      might have been different.

      The AOT is short changed in every area.
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