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16399Re: Forrest's numbers

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  • Hank Clark <clarkc@missouri.edu>
    Jan 31, 2003
      --- In civilwarwest@yahoogroups.com, thecoys@k... wrote:
      > How many men did Forrest have riding with him in the fall/winter of
      > 1862/63? I have seen reports from Negley that said four to five
      > thousand. Is that right? Any good sources out there on NBF that
      > give an accurate number? Thanks in advance.

      The numbers of men attributed to 'riding' with the western CSA cavalry
      seem to be always wildly inflated.

      I suppose this is due to the nature and requirements of the service.

      Many men rode when the unit was in their neighborhood and later left
      when crossing the county/department/state line.

      The rule that men supply their own mount allowed horseless men
      to be carried on the cavalry rolls but serving (if at all) with the

      IIRC Bragg counted 20,000 cavalry in 3 divisions during the Tullahoma

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