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14903Re: Longstreet & Bragg at Chickamauga [was Bragg's order to Stewart...]

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  • Dave Smith
    Dec 5 9:43 AM
      --- In civilwarwest@y..., "aot1952" <aot1952@y...> wrote:
      > Mr. Smith wrote-
      > "If I were Bragg, I think I'd have had at least one trusted staff
      > officer on each end of the battlefield; on the northern end, to
      > ensure that the attack came off as planned, and on Longstreet's
      > to provide assistance and help with the new guy. To the best of my
      > knowledge, neither was done."
      > Sadly by this time Bragg did not even have any staff officers that
      > Bragg trusted or that trusted Bragg.
      > Wakefield

      Cue Slim Pickens, slapping his ten-gallon hat on his thigh: "Well,
      don't that beat all ..."

      Subordinates he didn't trust, and staffers he didn't trust. It's a
      wonder Bragg got anything done ... :-)

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