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1490Re: [civilwarwest] Hood and Franklin

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  • Chris Huff
    Sep 1, 2000
      Dear Folks,

      Andy wrote:

      > I'm fairly certain that the arty wasn't up yet, except for a few
      > pieces. I seem to recall Sword maintaining that some rounds landed well
      > inside the town, causing a few civilian casualties, but I may be
      > completely mistaken about that.
      > Andy

      Who knows? It could have been Hood's attempt at spin, but the quote comes
      straight out of his autobiography, "Advance & Retreat".

      Hood further writes in his autobiography "Lee's corps, as it arrived, was
      held in reserve, owing to the lateness of the hour and my inability,
      consequently, to post it on the extreme left."

      Dr. McMurry's book also mentions (almost as an aside) that Lee hadn't had
      time to catch up and deploy before the battle.

      I don't doubt that there was a frenzy to attack from everything I have read
      about the situation. Just forty minutes before he died Major General Cleburn
      rode up and stated to Gen. Hood, "General, I am ready, and have more hope in
      the final success of our cause than I have had at any time since the first
      gun was fired." Sounds like he was ready to fight.

      Gen. Hood continues in his book, "Nightfall which closed upon us so soon
      after the inauguration of the battle prevented the formation and
      participation of Lee's entire corps on the extreme left. This, it may safely
      be asserted, saved Shofield's army from destruction." Then he states, rather
      uncharitably "I might, with equal assurance, assert that had Lieutenant
      General Lee been in advance at Spring Hill the previoius afternoon,
      Shofields's army never would have passed that point." Ooooo. Now that was

      Chris Huff
      Atlanta, GA
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