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  • Dave Smith
    Dec 4, 2002
      Heck, Lee, given that he'd been in the area of his command for what?
      several hours? how much "planning" could he have done?

      That he was able to organize an attack and be ready, even by 9:00 or
      so, says volumes.

      I'm always amazed in reading accounts of Chickamauga how little
      involvement Bragg's staff had with that wing of the army. You'd have
      thought, that with a new commander, just arrived on the field, and
      totally unfamiliar with the ground from the previous day's battle,
      that he'd have had all sorts of "help" there.


      --- In civilwarwest@y..., LWhite64@a... wrote:
      > Well just to bring it up, but there is also a school of thought
      that believe
      > that the stacking up of Brigades in Longstreet's Wing was an
      accident more
      > than his planning. The way the belief goes is that Longstreet was
      trying to
      > place his ANV men in the front lines and was was trying to get them
      > around when the attack was started. Part of the evidence for this
      is that
      > Stewart's Divison did'nt have any back up nor did Hindman or
      Preston. Also
      > in this is that elements of Kershaw's Divison had been there just a
      > time, less than 30 Mins, when the attack was opened and elements
      were still
      > arriveing as it went forward. Just some fuel for the ole fire.
      > Lee
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