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13984From: CWPT "Hollowed Ground" Fall 2002

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  • lilsteve68@aol.com
    Sep 29, 2002
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      A  truly amazing and touching story below ..  now if we could only get adults to appreciate those Hollowd Grounds as much as 9yr old  Nathan does. 


      Dear Civil War Preservation Trust,
      I had my 9th birthday part and instead of  getting gifts I asked for money to send to save Battlefields.


                               Nathan Jay Scott

      When CWPT recied this letter and $60 from Nathan Scott, we were unbelievably touched. 
      We all recall what it was like to be nine years old  and anxiously awaiting birthday presents.

      Amazing, instead of  a basketball or a skateboard, Nathan wanted to help preserve Civil war Battlefields. We quickly put together a package of CWPT merchandise ( a hat, a tape, a book etc..) and sent it back to him so that he could still have presents on his birthday!

      He wrote a lovely thank you note and his parents followed it up with another letter:

      ... My son wanted to and did collectmoney for the CWPT instead of getting gifts for his 9th birthday...  He  so suprised and pleased to receive such nice gifts from you all (so he would have gifts) in return for his contribution. It was totally unexpected by him and was appreciated so much! He wanted to send pictures of him visting battlefields so that you could see how much he enjoys visiting  them. 

      Thank you for all that you do... this has been a great lesson for him in generosity and kindness and we appreciate it...

      Actually , we're the ones who learned a lesson in generosity from Nathan.  No wonder CWPT is enjoying such Fabulous success!  Even our youngest members are wholeheartedly dedicated to our cause.  Thanks, Nathan!