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138[civilwarwest] Re: Autobiography of a Confederate Colonel

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  • willie wood
    Oct 20, 1999

      The best info I can give you is to e-mail shotgun@... If he can't help you just give up and what I really am saying is he's your man!!!! Good Luck, Bonnie


      > From: neho69@...
      > To: civilwarwest@...
      > Subject: [civilwarwest] Autobiography of a Confederate Colonel
      > Date: Wednesday, October 20, 1999 5:25 PM
      > Even though I am aware this group is more for discussion than for
      > research,and deals w/ matters of the western theatre, I am trying to
      > find a certain document and I felt, who better to ask than a group of
      > Civil War buffs? Anyway, I'm trying to find the autobiography of
      > colonel Eppa Hunton of the 8th Virginia, for research purposes. Eppa
      > Hunton was in numerous battles including Pickett's Charge (3rd day at
      > Gettysburg), he eventually became a brigadier general and served in
      > Congress. Because he is an unknown figure of the war, it is extremely
      > hard to find this book. If anyone knows where I would or might find it
      > I would be very thankful.  
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